About Us

Discover the Abundant Life of a Disciple of Jesus Christ

It is our heart's desire to help every believer in Jesus Christ experience the abundant life that Jesus describes in the Gospel of John.  We long for people to discover their true identity in Christ and their God-given calling to represent Him in the world in which they live, to experience the love of their heavenly Father and the resultant joy that comes from "abiding in Christ" and to experience personal healing from life's hurts and freedom from the oppression of sin.  In short, to experience the abundant life of a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

The Gospel message and the resultant Christian life are relatively simple to understand, yet seemingly much more challenging to live out.  We are told we simply need to believe the Gospel message, receive the forgiveness of our sins and we enter eternal life.  In the days following we are admonished to learn the Bible, pray, attend church, give financially and obey God's commandments.  The implication is that if we do these things well enough God will bless us and life will go well for us.  Yet many have followed this prescription, sometimes diligently, but in the end have ended up disillusioned, asking themselves the question, "Is this all there is?"  They experience little joy, meager personal transformation, and live with no sense of connection with God's purpose for their lives.  Clearly, this is not the Kingdom life that the New Testament suggests is the right of every believer in Jesus Christ.

Since January 2016 we have offered a variety of training, personal ministry and retreat experiences that create the environment for the Holy Spirit to renew our minds, heal our souls and work spiritual transformation in us.  Spiritual formation retreat weekends are designed to bring renewal and a fresh word from God.  While personal ministry using the Restoring the Foundations' integrated approach brings deep healing and lasting freedom.  We also offer a variety of training seminars and events that provide Biblical teaching and skills training that lead to greater effectiveness in ministry.  If you long for the abundant life that Jesus described we believe we can help.  Take a look around the site and let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!