IFM Observation Course

Ready to Continue Your IFM Training?

Step 2 of Your IFM Training - IFM Observation Course

Dates:         Independent Study
Location:    Completed On-Line
Cost:           $95 includes downloads of required materials

What Happens During an Issue-Focused Ministry (IFM) Observation Course?

This 13-part course introduces you to the IFM Ministry Format through live ministry observation while preparing you to finalize your training at a live IFM Training Seminar. 

During this course, you will become familiar with the tools and concepts that have been used to bring healing and freedom to people all over the world.  This online course includes downloadable versions of all required course material.  You will have up to 180 days to complete this course.  


This course is offered by Restoring the Foundations, International.  It can be accessed at

Registration on the site is required.   The course title is Issue Focused Ministry Observation Course.  The fee of $95 will be paid to RTF via an online transaction. 

Upon Completion of the IFM Observation Course

This Observation Course is the second of three steps required to be trained as an IFM Minister.  Upon successful completion of this course, a certificate will be issued which is required for registering for the next training step.  The IFM Training Seminar is the third training step and will be held in early 2020. Click here to view more information on this next training step.


This is the second step in becoming an IFM Minister at your church.  It is required that you have successfully completed Step 1 - the Hope, Healing & Freedom Seminar.  You will be asked to provide information regarding the location, date, and facilitator of your Step 1 training.


Pastor Bruce (402) 290-3480 or