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RTF Healing Prayer Ministry is a ministry to all people who are desirous of walking closer to the Lord and seeking to fulfill their God-given destiny. It is a ministry that combines repentance, renewing of our mind, healing, and deliverance as we more deeply discover Jesus' love and His desire to fully heal us.  RTF Healing Prayer Ministry will allow all that was accomplished on the Cross to become active and vital in your life.

Four Key Areas for Victorious Living.  Experience God’s transforming work in your life through RTF Healing Prayer Ministry which focuses on four areas of tension that we all have and recognizes the high degree of interdependence that each area has with the other three areas. God has provided all that we need to have integrated healing and freedom through the following four key areas:

Do my ancestors affect my life today?

This problem is rooted in the second commandment, in which God visits the “iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generations.” God requires us to confess our ancestors’ sin as well as our own. As you focus on confessing past sins you will appropriate Christ’s finished work on the Cross to break any curses and recover “legal ground” from the enemy.

How do my thoughts influence my actions?

Through difficult circumstances, we have all formed beliefs that don't line up with God's Word, God's nature or God's character.  God desires to change these ungodly beliefs into beliefs that reflect His heart and truth for us.  This can be accomplished through a process of repentance and renewing of your mind.

What does pain do to my heart?

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted. He desires to heal our deepest hurts by revealing/bringing His love and truth to us.  He reveals what He wants to heal and then He heals what He has shown.

Who is working against my life today?

After Christ brings His freedom and healing to the first three ministry areas in your life, the various ways the demonic strongholds have been affecting you can be disassembled and destroyed. This can be a difficult topic for many to understand.  If you have questions, we will be happy to discuss this area in more detail before your time of ministry begins.

(For in-depth audio teaching in each of these four areas click here)

Ministry Available

Issue Focused Ministry is intended to focus on one issue or current area of tension that you are experiencing. It is accomplished in one 3-hour ministry session that addresses the four key areas above.  (Click here for application form)

Thorough Format Ministry is available for those desiring to be ministered to in greater depth. This format allows deeper healing in areas of Ungodly Beliefs and other areas of wounding that affect your life.  This ministry is broken into five 3-hour ministry sessions. Couples receiving ministry will each receive five 3-hour sessions along with two additional 2-hour joint sessions. (Click here for application form)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

RTF Healing Prayer ministers are not licensed or ordained counselors, social workers, or pastors. Each minister, however, has passed extensive training and qualification criteria for ministering RTF Healing Prayer Ministry. 

Every ministry session will be led by two prayer ministers.

RTF Healing Prayer Ministry is open to everyone.  Once your application is received your minister will contact you to discuss a ministry date and final details.

Understanding the Four Keys for Victorious Living. We have provided audio teachings for more in-depth teaching in these four areas of ministry.  (Click here for audio teachings)

Questions regarding RTF Healing Prayer Ministry and/or scheduling an appointment may be directed to Pastor Bruce or Barbara Kotila (office@godslivingstones.org).

The standard fees for receiving ministry are:

  • Individual Issue Focused (One 3-hour session) $250
  • Individual Thorough Ministry (Five 3-hour sessions)  $1,250   
  • Couple Thorough Ministry (Two 2-hour joint sessions and Ten 3-hour individual sessions) $2,800

If you have questions regarding the ministry process, ministry prerequisites, or ministry fees please contact Pastor Bruce (402) 290-3480.

 * RTF Healing Prayer Ministry was developed by Chester & Betsy Kylstra, founders of Restoring the Foundations ministry www.restoringthefoundations.org

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