Doorway to Discovery Online

Our Next Doorway to Discovery Online Retreat is November 14-17, 2024

From the very first spiritual formation retreat Pastor Bruce attended in March 19-22, 1987, he saw the unique value of opening up our hearts to the Lord for the purpose of experiencing spiritual renewal and transformation.  It was three days of silence, solitude, guided meditations and contemplative prayer that enabled him to see, and more importantly experience God in ways that he could not by attending church, going to Bible study or even Bible conferences with nationally recognized leaders.  He was able to read the Word of God, under the direction and empowerment of Holy Spirit, with ample time to reflect deeply on the words and teachings of Jesus; in a very real sense a priceless experience! 

At God’s direction, he began leading these in-person weekends in the fall of 2001, and has offered 2-3 per year ever since. Each retreat is a unique experience designed to help individual Jesus followers grow in their daily practice of the beliefs, values, and habits which characterize life in the Kingdom of God.  By incorporating the key features and best practices from a variety of disciplines including discipleship, spiritual formation, and group framework coaching, retreat participants are given opportunity to personalize Kingdom life principles for their current season and setting in life.

Now again at God’s direction, we will begin streaming in real time the Doorway to Discovery weekends we conduct twice per year at the St Benedict Center in Schuyler, Nebraska. So, while the retreats share the same Biblical content, pacing and spiritual guidance, the on-line delivery includes some important distinctions.  Several of these differences are:

  • Online delivery means you can attend a retreat from almost anywhere.  Home, cabin, retreat center, or anywhere else with a reliable internet connection.  Whatever environment which allows you to enter into focused reflection for extended periods of time will work.  This also means you can attend a retreat alone, with a friend ,or even a small group sharing your experiences together.
  • Meditations are streamed in real-time but are also recorded and then made available, generally, within an hour of the session ending.  This means if you need to miss a session you will have the ability to go back and listen at your next opportunity.  Session links will be available for 30 days after the conclusion of the retreat.
  • A pre-retreat Zoom call, usually the Wednesday before, previews the weekend, covers the supporting documentation on how to “make a retreat” and answers any questions you may have going into the weekend.  While optional, the call is highly recommended, especially for first time attendees.
  • Finally, without the need for travel, or the expense of staying at the retreat center, the retreat becomes significantly more affordable.  We are tremendously excited about how this change in delivery will open up this unique retreat experience and enable many to participate who could not otherwise attend in-person.

Cost - $149 per person

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