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Simplify, Slow Down, and Be StillBruce KotilaPastors Blog2022-02-01
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God Wants to Make You the Hero in His StoryBruce KotilaPastors Blog2020-05-01
While We Head for a New Reality, God is Doing a New ThingBruce KotilaPastors Blog2020-04-01
Experiencing the Truth You KnowBruce KotilaPastors Blog2020-02-01
Forgetting What God Hasn't DoneBruce KotilaPastors Blog2020-01-15
God Wants to Set Your Heart on FireBruce KotilaPastors Blog2020-01-01
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Finding Life, Direction and Encouragement in the BibleBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-09-01
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Setting Yourself ApartBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-08-01
Our Time is NowBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-07-15
Staying TeachableBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-07-01
Walking in ForgivenessBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-06-15
The Unexamined Life is Not Worth LivingBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-06-01
The Kingdom Fourishes in a Good HeartBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-05-15
Finding Your Place in God's StoryBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-05-01
The Call to SurrenderBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-04-15
A Date to RememberBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-04-01
Walking in the SpiritBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-03-15
Remembering You Have A Unique Kingdom PurposeBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-03-01
Experiencing God's LoveBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-02-15
An Invitation to RememberBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-02-01
Living with and for Jesus the King, in His KingdomBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-01-15
The Rest of Your StoryBruce KotilaPastors Blog2019-01-01
Praying EffectivelyBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-12-15
Taking a Fresh Look at the Christmas StoryBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-12-01
Prayers to Expand the Kingdom of GodBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-11-15
Transforming Together: A New Cleansing Stream CommunityBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-11-01
Finding Freedom in Our Walk with JesusBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-10-15
Loving Your Neighbor as YourselfBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-10-01
Learning from the Seasons and Stages of LifeBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-09-15
Why is True Spiritual Transformation So Elusive?Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-09-01
Really Believing When We Pray for OthersBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-08-15
Life LessonsBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-08-01
Idolatry in 21st Century AmericaBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-07-15
Living the Promised Land LifeBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-07-01
Stir Up Your GiftsBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-06-15
What Will You Remember Today?Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-06-01
Living with an Awareness of God's LoveBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-05-15
Listening to God As We Pray for OthersBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-05-01
God's Call to RememberBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-04-15
Walking Out the Resurrection of Jesus ChristBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-04-01
Response AbilityBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-03-15
Seven Times in the JordanBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-03-01
Fasting: The Forgotten DisciplineBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-02-15
Rooted and Grounded in Love: Making and Investment You Won't RegretBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-02-01
Seven HeavenBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-01-15
Consistency and Perseverance: Essential Qualities for Victorious LivingBruce KotilaPastors Blog2018-01-01
The Gospel of the King and His KingdomBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-12-15
Worshipping the New Born King - December 2017Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-12-01
The Apostle Paul’s Model of DiscipleshipBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-11-15
I Had No IdeaBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-11-01
Has Your Spiritual Passion Deserted You?Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-10-15
Spiritual Renewal, God's WayBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-10-01
Meditation: A Key Ingredient for TransformationBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-09-15
Truth is Not EnoughBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-09-01
An Invitation to Fall in Love AgainBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-08-15
No Other PlanBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-08-01
Praying Partners are Good for the ChurchBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-07-15
Setting the Table - RTF Training DayBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-07-01
Using a Gospel Harmony to Study the Life of JesusBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-06-15
Sharpen Your SawBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-06-01
Expectancy in Prayer: Faith or PresumptionBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-05-15
Hope Healing and Freedom: Jesus Died to Give Us This Kind of LifeBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-05-01
What it Means to BelieveBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-04-15
The Kingdom Flourishes in a Good HeartBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-04-01
The Benefits of Knowing GodBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-03-15
Three Essential Building BlocksBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-03-01
No Other PlanBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-02-15
Maintaining A Biblical Perspective - February 2017Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-02-01
The Devil's SchemesBruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-01-15
Christian Consumers or Disciples of Jesus Christ?Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2017-01-01
Gift Giving RedeemedBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-12-15
Jesus is Preparing Us for His ReturnBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-12-01
Lean Not on Your Own UnderstandingBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-11-15
Hope Healing and FreedomBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-11-01
The Discipline of CelebrationBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-10-15
The Discipline of GuidanceBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-09-15
The Discipline of WorshipBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-08-15
Learning, and Being Reminded, to Trust God's PromisesBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-08-01
The Discipline of ConfessionBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-07-15
An Important DistinctionBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-07-01
The Discipline of SolitudeBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-06-15
Minding the GapBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-06-01
Minding the GapBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-06-01
The Discipline of ServiceBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-05-15
Confusing Knowledge for ObedienceBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-05-01
The Discipline of SubmissionBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-04-15
Making Time for God and His WordBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-04-01
The Discipline of SimplicityBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-03-15
The Discipline of StudyBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-02-15
The Life of Submission: Finding True Freedom and SerenityBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-02-01
The Discipline of FastingBruce KotilaPastors Blog2016-01-15
The Discipline of PrayerBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-12-15
The Ultimate Giving ExperienceBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-12-01
A Unique Opportunity: Hearts Healed, Lives RestoredBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-08-01
God is Not HereBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-07-15
Pride: The Sin of IndependenceBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-07-01
What Are You Reading This Summer?Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-05-15
Teaching Them to Observe All That I Commanded YouBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-05-01
Is God Calling Us to Change?Bruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-04-15
The Resurrection: A Truth Worth RememberingBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-04-01
Implications of the ResurrectionBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-03-15
Ignoring the Battle is Dangerous to Our SoulsBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-03-01
Repentance: One of the 3 R'sBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-02-15
Fasting from Criticism: A Lenten ExperimentBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-02-01
People of Poor MemoryBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-01-15
Doubt, The Silent KillerBruce KotilaPastors Blog2015-01-01
Personal Work: A Task for Our TimesBruce KotilaPastors Blog2014-12-15
Glory to the New Born KingBruce KotilaPastors Blog2014-12-01
Desperate for GodBruce KotilaPastors Blog2014-11-15
Standing on the PromisesBruce KotilaPastors Blog2014-11-01
Grace Lays the Foundation for a Life of ObedienceBruce KotilaPastors Blog2014-10-01
Seeking First the Kingdom of GodBruce KotilaPastors Blog2014-08-01
If I Had KnownBruce KotilaPastors Blog2014-07-01