Breaking Free!

Are you ready to feel unconditionally loved? 

Are you ready to live out the unique contribution you were created to share with the world? 

Are you ready to wake up each morning and see God’s abundance in your life?  

These truths are the inheritance God promises to everyone who abides in Him.  But when we find ourselves in a season of life where it is difficult to hear, apply and walk out the truths of His Word, these truths can seem very far away. 

Let us help you get back on the discipleship pathway! God’s Living Stones offers a ten-week discipleship seminar which guides you into the fullness of His truth, healing, and freedom.  Each 90-minute class focuses on life-giving topics which include:

  • Knowing the Father’s heart
  • The importance of walking in forgiveness
  • The necessity of surrender
  • How to be filled with the Holy Spirit,
  • The power of the words we receive, speak and believe
  • The authority and spiritual power we have as followers of Jesus Christ
  • Freedom as a lifestyle

The seminar is followed by a two-day group retreat experience where a seasoned ministry team helps each participant receive personal healing and freedom from shame, rejection, abuse, the consequences of sexual sin, past hurts and the devastation of an orphan heart.  It is a time filled with God’s power and God’s healing. 

Since 1998, Pastor Bruce and his team have been the catalyst for thousands of people receiving healing and freedom through the Breaking Free retreat/seminar experience.  The recurring testimony from those who have attended a retreat/seminar is one of a dramatic change, both in the quality and the direction of their lives.  People experience, some for the first time, a sense of being watched over, cared for and protected by the Creator of the universe, Father God Himself. 

Contact us to hear about our next local seminar/retreat or to set up a seminar/retreat at your church.

If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed. – John 8:36