God created us for a purpose that begins with a continuous experience of His great love for us.  It finds its fulfillment as we represent Him and His kingdom to the world around us.  No matter where we are in our journey God stands ready to guide us into the full expression of His plan and purposes for our lives.  Come & explore God's next step for you!  

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No Other Plan - August 2017

Over the years I have spend considerable time looking at the various commissioning texts where Jesus takes His disciples aside, gives them final instructions and then sends them out to duplicate His life and ministry.  One such text is Mark 6:7-13 and it highlights for us the fact that the proclamation of the kingdom, the healing of the sick and the casting out of unclean spirits (deliverance), were all a part of Jesus' ministry to the people.  Further, we are told in verse 7 that Jesus handed down this authority to the 12, sent them out in pairs and they then lived out their authority by advancing the kingdom of God.  This same commission is later given to the seventy in Luke 10:1, and is experienced by the early church throughout the book of Acts as the Holy Spirit guides and empowers the church.  God has clearly defined the foundational ministries of the church of Jesus Christ, in that every local congregation that seeks to be faithful to its calling will find itself involved in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, pursuing a ministry of healing to the sick and engaging in spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness.


We also see in this passage that the disciples are sent out with some instructions.  They are simple instructions, yet for us...

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Praying Partners are Good for the Church

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

Not long ago I awoke early in the morning believing that God had something He wanted to say to me. As I began to pray, I got the distinct impression that God wanted us to elevate our commitment to prayer by first re-examining our practice of intercessory prayer. Like most within Christian ministry we have sought to be people of prayer. I pray, our staff prays, the board prays, we have prayer teams that pray for individual requests and our ministry events are punctuated with ... More

Using a Gospel Harmony to Study the Life of Jesus

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

As we enter the summer season and take a break from our normal routine it is often helpful to try new things and/or do old things in new ways.  The following suggestion as an alternative form of study may be just the piece you need to breathe new life into your devotional life.  In John 14:8 Philip says to Jesus, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us.”  Jesus in His response (verse 9) to Philip said, “Have I been so long with you, and yet you ... More

Expectancy in Prayer: Faith or Presumption

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

While on retreat several years ago I was reading one of the daily reflections from A Minute of Margin by Richard Swenson, MD. It was one of those experiences where God heightened my awareness and said you need to pay attention here. The title to the reflection was Expectation Overload and it pointed out the fact that the affluence of our society has created within us an expectation for more, of everything. “We expect health, wealth and ease- and are discontent if more doesn’t ... More

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