God created us for a purpose that begins with a continuous experience of His great love for us.  It finds its fulfillment as we represent Him and His kingdom to the world around us.  No matter where we are in our journey God stands ready to guide us into the full expression of His plan and purposes for our lives.  Come & explore God's next step for you!  

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Consistency and Perseverance: Essential Qualities for Victorious Living - January 2018

“And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary” (Galatians 6:9)  
This past summer Barb and I were doing some landscaping in the backyard of our home and God used the opportunity to drive home a lesson He wanted me to learn.  The previous owner of our home had a variety of shrubs and plants scattered around the yard that were either dead or had become overgrown due to lack of attention.  Rather than try to rescue them we decided we wanted a cleaner look and decided to replace them with sod.   
Along the back lot-line, there were three shrubs total, two, which were medium sized, 3-4 feet in height and one larger bush that was 11 feet tall.  Removal of the first two was relatively quick and easy.  I dug around the base ...

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Seven Heaven

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

I am writing this the morning after the Minnesota Vikings divisional playoff win over the New Orleans Saints.  It was a literal last-second win when Stefon Diggs caught a Hail Mary pass and ran into the end zone for a highly emotional but improbable win.  I confess that I was one of those Vikings fans, having endured four Super Bowl losses and any number of last-minute defeats, that thought here we go again.  I was tempted to turn the television off but decided to watch to the ... More

The Gospel of the King and His Kingdom

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

In even a casual reading of the New Testament, especially the Gospels, we quickly learn that the focus of all of the writers is on Jesus and His kingdom.  The fact that this focus is on the person of Jesus and that He was born to be Savior of the world does not surprise us.  But the fact this boy child, Jesus of Nazareth, was also born to be King and rules a kingdom to which we are invited to belong is another matter entirely.  We also find that living in this kingdom has a ... More

The Apostle Paul’s Model of Discipleship

By Pastor Bruce Kotila

Be imitators of me just as I also am of Christ (1 Corinthians 11:1)  Generally speaking, there hasn’t been any shortage of Biblical teaching about the desire/need that every follower of Christ has to discover/live God’s plan and purposes for their lives. Yet, even with an abundance of good teaching, knowing and living God’s plan remains an elusive, and seemingly unreachable, goal for many.  The results have been devastating for individual believers and the church ... More

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